4 lb. (4-inch) pickling cucumbers
6 Tbsp. salt
3 c. apple cider vinegar
3 c. water
1 c. dill seed
21 peppercorns


Wash cucumbers; cut in lengthwise halves. Combine salt, vinegar and water. Heat to boiling. Pack cucumbers into clean hot (1-pint) jars. Add about 2 tablespoons dill seed and 3 peppercorns to each jar. Fill with syrup to within 1/2-inch of jar top. Immediately adjust lids. Process in boiling water bath (212°) for 15 minutes. Remove jars from canner and complete seals unless closures are self-sealing type. Makes 7 pints.

Kosher Dills: Add 14 garlic cloves, split in half, to salt, water and vinegar mixture. Heat to boiling; remove garlic. Put 4 halves into each jar.