1 carrot, grated
2 pieces Aburage
1 pkg. Hilo brand kamaboko (tempura round one)
1/2 can Takemoto
1/4 c. Wesson oil
1/4 c. shoyu
1/2 c. sugar
dash of sake
1/2 pkg. Kurome (Marukai brand is the best)
1 can ajisukekogai or 2 cans seasoned clams
4 c. rice
fried eggs, sliced thin (for garnish)
1 pkg. Tamanoi sushi rice mix


Cook 4 cups rice. Soak Kurome in water; drain when soft. Cook grated carrot, Aburage, kamaboko, Takemoto, Kurome and ajisukekogai together with Wesson oil, shoyu, sugar and sake. Set aside until rice is done. Add 1 package Tamanoi sushi rice mix to hot rice; mix all together with the cooked ingredients. Garnish with thinly sliced eggs and red and green shrimp flakes. Delicious hot or cold.